29 April 2007

Mark Corpuz' LANDMARK

February 2006
Supply voltage:
+/- 70 volts


January 2005
Supply line: +/- 75 Volts (Bridged for 1000 watts)


Assembled by Jeriel Lacar of VOA, Tarlac BRIDGED for Subwoofer Use

Various Amp Modules and Description

SERIES 2 - a complementary BJT output design. This module can be configured to have an output from 50 watts RMS to 300 watts RMS depending on the power supply.

SERIES 2 Quasi - a module similar in design to the Series 2 but using only NPN power output transistors.

LANDMARK - a first true all N-Channel MOSFET amplifier module compared to the Series 2.

NEW!!! V1 - an all N-Channel MOSFET amp module having the "sonic signature" of the Series 2 and Landmark. A breakthrough design that will surely satisfy most avid and crucial listeners.

V2 - A powerful version of V1 with the same specifications.

10 April 2007


Welcome to the blog site for LE Amplifiers. This site will cater to diy'ers using power amp modules designed by BS Laguisma. Pictures, comment,and new breakthroughs and designs will also be posted. Stay tuned....