17 October 2010

For those who are interested....

Hello again to everyone.

For those who are interested in building our amp modules, the Series 2 and LandMark designs, are now FREELY available in pdf format. The file contains pcb layout, parts placement guide, schematic and calibration procedure.

To avail, kindly send your email with the following format:

Subject: Series 2 and/or LandMark plans request

and we will reply with the file(s) attached.

Make sure also to include your full name, address, country of origin, e-mail address, and contact number at the end of the e-mail. Rest assured that your personal information will be kept confidential. This is in part of building our correspondence database who actually built the plans, consults, comments, suggests and with your kind permission, post also pictures of the modules you will be sending us.

Thanks in advance and happy DIY'ing!

New Blog Sites for Amp Modules

Hello to everyone!

All pictures of builders of the different amp designs will be posted on the following blog sites:

Series 2 ->
LandMark ->
L.E. V Series ->

Previously posted pictures of builders will be move to each respective site.

Thanks and happy DIY'ing!