26 June 2007

A Testimony on the LandMark

June 16, 2007

What sweet timing, I just finish the landmark and on the same day you send me , series 2 plans, to drool over.

To say I like the sound of the LANDMARK is an understatement, it's ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!

Sweet, subtle yet powerful, the separation, detail of instruments is fantastic. It has rhythm and prat by the bucket loads, the landmark drives my linn isobariks like no other.

Valli, UK

15 June 2007

New!!! Another Jeriel Lacar's LandMark (in Stereo)

Checkout this out....

Another fine piece of DIY audio amplifier.

04 June 2007

For those who have requested...

For those who have requested (and who will request, too) the Series 2 and LandMark Series plans, our warmest thanks. We hope you are working on our featured designs following carefully the steps and detailed instruction on the files we have sent. We look forward to hear from you.