09 May 2007

Landmark Amp Actual Sample Pic

Here's a closer pic of the Landmark Amp module. For those who are interested with the details of this fine piece of audio amp (schematics, pcb and placement guide, etc), start sending your e-mail to us and we will gladly reply. Our contact e-mail is


Anonymous said...

Hi LE,

greetings... i like the sound of your amp and i would like to push your mosfet main board to the limit and make the amplifier "super". can you recommend things to be changed like using polystyrene, polycarbonate, resistor type, cables/wires and so on and what percent increse in terms of sound quality will it have after the face lift.

hope to hear from you soon.


Gavivina Gadogbe said...

Are you sure this amp work. I try the mosfets and is not working

zj Baltazar said...

pano po magbridge sa LANDMARK? THANKZ.