23 April 2015

Series 2 Quasi Version (2N3055) with USB/SD MP3/WMA/FM/Line In Module and IR Remote Capability

An old high school amplifier project resurrected with a Series 2 Quasi amp module utilizing the same enclosure, power transistors, and power transformer. 30 watts of average RMS power output. :)


Elson Cade said...

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Jhon Marshal said...

Need help finding right amplifier?
The subwoofer system is the scosche hdfrb6?
The specfifications of the sub is
Max power:
total=100W RMS/ 300W Peak
Per Channel: 50W RMS/150W Peak.

4 Ohms (3.6 DCR) per Channel.

Frequence response:
60 Hz-21Hz (-10dB)

high-end sound quality